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$15k savings guarantee.

cheaper & more predictable than your current power bill

the small town solar difference

Power your entire home and become completely independent from the grid.

Our battery allows you to back up your entire home and not just minimal appliances. In the case of blackouts, your AC and heaters will still run. You can do your laundry, charge your car, use your wifi. You’re welcome!

When you become a Small Town Solar client, you help keep the lights on for a local family in need.

Small Town Solar donates a portion of every install to pay for a struggling family’s power bill. Small Town Solar works with local leaders to find families to help.

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the power couple

solar + battery

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Daily Savings

Charge your battery with solar while the sun is up and use the energy you produce at night. Protecting you from grid rate hikes, time-of-use peaks, or power outages.

Locked in Rates

Your solar energy prices are locked in at the cheapest rate available. Power your entire home for less. It’s like owning your home instead of renting. Now, you can own your power. Goodbye power bill. Hello, freedom.

Monitor Your System

You can monitor your home’s energy production and consumption in real-time. Optimize energy independence with instant access to your system in the palm of your hand.

what to expect after talking
to an energy consultant

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power bill

First things first. We’ll need a pic of your power bill. There is a little bar graph that tells us exactly how much energy you use.

With this, we’ll know how many panels you need to eliminate your entire power bill. 📈

custom design

We will custom design your systems with you right beside us. After all, it is your system so you should be involved with the design, right?

Solar needs to make sense financially. We’ll help make sure it does. 🤝

Solar Home Blueprint
Solar Panels on Top of a Roof

happy installation day

After moving forward with solar, we will begin installation 15-45 days later.

We handle everything for you. Plus, we’ll even throw on a 10 yr roof warranty for worry-free ownership.

Kick your shoes off and relax. 🏖

freedom from your power bill!

For the next 25 years, your panels are guaranteed to work or we’ll replace your defective panel at no cost. Guaranteed production. Zero worry. What that means for you…

You’re going to enjoy HUGE savings for a very long time! 💰

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your power
your way

The Small Town Solar Process
if we can’t save you at least
$15,000 over the next 30 years…
we will pay you $500
this is as "salesy" as we get
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rent vs own?

If you could own your home for the same cost as renting it, would you choose to rent or would you own it? (rhetorical, I know, but stay with me here). If you own a home, you are paying off a debt and one day, you will never have to pay again. When you rent a home, you have to pay whatever the landlords charge, no matter what. (if you haven’t figured it out yet, the power company is your “power landlord” 😉).

So, if you do this for your home, why not do it with your electric bill? If you get solar, you can save money from day one, and in time, you’ll never have to pay again. You’re already paying what it cost to own solar… You’re just paying the wrong company!

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Woman Filling Up Her Truck With Gas
gas for $1 per
gallon... for life!

Think back to when a gallon of gas only cost $0.80. What if somebody said they could sell you a gas card for $1.00 per gallon and guarantee that price for the rest of your life. At first, without knowing the future, you may think it’s not smart to spend a few cents more per gallon. But looking at how high gas prices are now, you’d be kicking yourself if you didn’t do it!

When it comes to power, it can be easy to fall into the same trap since we (still) can’t see into the future. Looking at power rates and how they’ve increased over the past 50 years (and how they’ll continue to climb), if you get solar now, you’re essentially buying that gas card for $1.00 per gallon. When your neighbors average power bill goes up to $400 per month and yours is locked in at $120, there will be plenty of high fives to go around!

(You can send us an Edible Arrangement to thank us!)

see, that wasn't so bad was it?
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Small Town Solar

The best warranty in the industry!

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2023 & 2024

The Small Town Solar Loan Interest Rate is Only

3.99% - 4.99%

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