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message from the founders

We started small town solar with this quote in mind “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” In other words, you can’t succeed unless you try. And that means you have to take action.”
We created Small Town Solar to make a huge impact on our employees’ and clients lives. We are a family-owned solar energy company and have seen firsthand how solar can change peoples lives, especially going into retirement. We are passionate about building something meaningful where we give back to each small town that we install in.

giving back to the community

satisfied clients
dollars donated to local families in need
A Man Showing a Solar Panel to His Daughter

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When you power your home with Small Town Solar,
we match your yearly savings and give it to a family in need in your city.

When you are a client with Small Town Solar, you help change the lives of families in your community.

Small Town Solar is about community. We believe that so much that we made it a part of our name!

The best part about the way we do this is, we are still less expensive than most solar companies. We believe in making a difference in people’s lives. When you become a Small Town Solar client, not only will you save a ridiculous amount of money… but you will change your city. Literally.

meet the team

Wood Family Portrait

Tanner Wood

Tanner has been in solar for over 10 years. He is married with 4 kids and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. He can answer nearly any solar question that you can think of!

Jed Maxwell

Jed has been in the solar industry for 8 years. He’s seen when solar is done right, and he’s seen when solar is done wrong. That’s a big part of why he came on board to found Small Town Solar. He is passionate about making sure our customers get a great experience from the first time you talk with us all the way through your solar installation and beyond. When he is not working, you’ll find Jed in the backcountry camping, hiking, hunting or chasing the snow.
Jed Maxwell With his Wife and Two Dogs

Jarom Youngblood

Jarom has been in the solar industry for several years. He is passionate about building a company that focuses on the quality of life for its employees and the best experiences for all of its customers. When not focusing on the business, you’ll likely find him spending time with his family. He loves spending as much time in the mountains as possible archery hunting, rafting down rivers across the west or sitting in a deer stand. Anything outdoor related you can count him in!

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